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Originally Posted by gemmtn View Post
Windows XP Home w/svc pack 2. Dell 8300. Trying to get Pro V1.5 to feed its DV to the ADVC then to a TV monitor. Have the Project -Project Settings-General-Playback settings to "play audio and video on DV hdw", "real time playback = Dv hdw and desktop". When I play one of the timeline video clips on the Pro Sequence monitor cannot seem to get any audio/video to the TV. Firewire PC to ADVC DV front connector then composite out to TV. Dig in lite only is on. Any solutions?
Not sure if you already know this, but you can use yr DV Cam to output to a TV monitor. Use OHCI firewire to output to, and then video out from the Cam into the TV/monitor.

I'm currently having big-time issues with overlay (none) and capture in PremierePro 1.51 via Canopus plug-in, since my machine was upgraded. My machine now automatically reboots when I try to capture in Premiere via a Canopus RT project!!@#$%!
IntelDG965SSK mobo, nVidia7600GT, Intel E6420Core2Duo 2.13ghz, 1 meg DDR2 RAM, Canopus Storm2Pro, Edius 3.62.
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