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Sorry, when I say "ForceWare" I'm referring to the NVIDIA control panel. :)

1. DVI-to-HDMI goes to Pegasus
2. DVI-to-DVI goes to your regular computer monitor
3. Your Pegasus board should be detected as a new display (like any monitor)
4. Use the NVIDIA control panel to set multiple displays, and have it clone your view
5. Make sure the Pegasus board is the primary display (so, when making the cloned view, Pegasus should be "1." and your monitor "2." in the drop-down list)
6. Now open up HQ Recorder and set the input to DVI*, making sure the resolution is matching the desktop resolution
7. If all is correct, you should get that weird recursive picture-in-picture effect
8. Set your recording parameters and file name/location and start recording!

* The way HQ Recorder works is on the source connection type, not the target connection. In this case, you're starting with DVI, so that's what you need to capture. The fact it winds up in HDMI or 7-pin miniDIN is irrelevant.

Thinking some more in the past hours, I recall there being some extra special settings for HDMI output under "Custom Resolutions" or maybe "HDTV settings" in the NVIDIA control panel. You need to make sure those are are set correctly, if you plan to capture from the HDMI on the graphics card.

But I reckon if you follow the steps above, you should end up with some nice footage..
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