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Originally Posted by Rosco View Post
Hi John,

Just found the PYXIS.Mix - it is very expensive and only five faders. I am sure it is impressive but just too expensive. Comes in at around 2600.00

Anything similar to the Behringer BCF200 but smaller and neater.

Can any DAW be connected or does Edius only allow Behringer and Fairlight.

Thanks for your assistance.


Hi Ross & Matthew.

Edius only has limited support for certain controllers, there should be a list somewhere on the GV site, or maybe try a forum search just in case.

If anyone has an unsupported controller it's likely they already have a DAW of some description, which would be the usual purchase reason for a controller. For anything more than basic audio post on Edius, it's probably best to export the Edius audio and do the mix in a DAW, with full support for a controller. I know this is far from ideal, but it's a workaround that may work better than struggling in Edius.

Unfortunately, Edius doesn't have any learn or assign functions and doesn't have the typical communication options or standards/protocols that most DAWs and some NLEs have.

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