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Originally Posted by Bluetongue View Post
I have to agree with Ron
I have tried a number of different settings in TMPG and so far nothing has been acceptable for either AVCHD on DVD or Bluray from the supposedly H264/MP4 encoder via TMPGenc, every file has been rejected or causes the authoring program to crash
H264 from either Edius or Edius/Firecoder or Firewriter works in everything except Authorworks4
BUT: It suffers from artifacts (Shimmering on X fades) the only good thing is it is fast and no one seems to notice anyway
Regards barry
Hi Barry.

Have to agree with you on the x fades, but for doing fast encodes it can't be beat. Have only had FCB for a few weeks but it is very handy for the right situation. Not that this should be a guage, but most viewers do not see the problems. For a production master output I would still do a X264 over night encode for pure quality. Either way, in the right context like doing Blu-ray rushes or client approval stuff, FCB is realy cool.


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