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Originally Posted by trillium View Post
Just started using handbrake with upgrade to Edius 9 (9.40) now.

Ran a few tests converting Edius HQ HD 1080 60P to h.264 and h.265. H.265 definitely looks better to me but the file is about 3.5 times larger than the "base" h.264. The QSV h.264 looks pretty good and is about twice the size of the plain jane h.264 not using any encoder hardware. Using Nvidia encode on a Quadro P1000 (I know that's a cheap card!) the encode is twice as fast but quality suffers a little especially with motion with file size increase of 150%.

For some reason I thought the h.265 encode would produce a smaller file size. Still a novice at Handbrake settings. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated especially in the video setting tab. Also, I have "optimize for web" in the default setting- which is probably what I need 90% of time but wondering how much difference that makes in quality. Will try some additional tests.

When I tried a 2-pass encode my system acted like it was going to have a stroke so I backed off of that. May have used an incorrect number for the data rate. Wish data rates had a preset.

Oh, just "trolling" for a little Handbrake feedback I guess. Will look at some YouTubes on it.
hi trillium.
what is the final export to h.265 intended for? ie.. personal or to give to a client etc?
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