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Originally Posted by ulyssesvideo View Post
I think you better read up on usb 4 buddy. much MUCH faster than use 3 or 3.1...
USB 4 is capable of speeds reaching 40 gigabits per second.

I think you need to read up more as it would appear that you don't understand the speeds of the storage devices and the bus speeds of the interfaces.

For anyone else who is interested in the numbers.

SATA 3 has a max uncoded data rate/bandwidth of 600MB/s

USB-C is minimum of Gen 1 which is 5Gb/s or is usually Gen 2 which is 10Gb/s

The fastest SATA 3 SSD will burst upto 550MB/s and sustain at a lower rate

The drive in this test sustains at about 440MB/s

Both 550MB/s and 440MB/s are lower than the minimum Gen 1 speed of USB-C

Therefore, using a faster bus, such as USB 4, with a SATA 3 SSD will not make any difference what so ever compared to using a SATA 3 SSD in a USB-C enclosure as far as maximum data rate/bandwidth with the SSD is concerned. Because the maximum data rate/bandwidth of the SSD doesn't exceed USB-C anyway.

This is why I said USB 4 won't make one bit of difference compared to the drive in this video.
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