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Consumer analog video (e.g., VHS) is sloppy, and the signasls froma VCR are not well structured. Quality is hit or miss and depends on both the recorder and the playback unit. "Professional" capture devices expect a solid signal with good sync.

Also, recent production video capture gear, such as the Intensity series, has focused more on HD sources and the SD capabilities have fallen behind almost as an afterthought.

It seems that the best gear for capture of the old consumer analog formats is gear that was produced a decade or more ago. The site listed above can provide more information in depth.

While the Intensity series, and the ADVC series, can provide decent capture if you have a good signal chain for quick A to D projects. While many people find they meet their needs, they are not favored by the restoration obsessives. Ultimately is is your (and any clients) expectations that need to be met.
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