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Originally Posted by andris View Post
I'm not sure having TBC capabilty will do anything to improve the picture quality of a VHS signal going into a computer in any visible way.

Shop around for the best quality VHS unit you can find. The better quality ones will have S-VHS capability but I suspect that any gain in picture quality by outputting via S connector once again will be marginal (if any at all).

In fact, picture from standard VHS is so poor that it is pointless debating how the quality of digital product A vs B will effect a better outcome.
The starting point is so horrible that minor differences between peformance of chips becomes absolutely irrelevant.

For improving sound quality I would strongly recommend buying Soundsoap, especially if it can operate as a plug-in to a more advanced video editing suite ( like Edius ). It's one of those "magic" products that seem to do the impossible - it really does get rid of hiss from old recordings without affecting their 'sparkle' - and is simple to use.

Referring to your mentioned "Soundsoap" how does it compare to Adobe Audition?
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