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Some S-VHS tape players had TBC, check the specs.

Toward the end of the VHS era some low cost S-VHS VCRs were on the market, and in my opinion many were not very good, at least for use a s a transfer source deck.

You can occasionally find prosumer/industrial class machines for sale. There are a number offered on sites like Ebay (which does carry its own risks but with some Ebay backing). Garage sale and thrift shop goods are unpredictable. I have found tapes still in the VCRS (some were quite "interesting"). Of the garage sale/thrift shop VCRS I've tried, about 50% had serious problems and were not to be trusted.

Your safest bet might be to find one from a videographer who has switched from VHS tape to digital/DVD, but many of those folks dumped most of their VHS gear several years ago.
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