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Yes, S-Video output on DVD/VCR combos are almost always only for the DVD player, unless you happen to find a combo that has S-VHS rather than plain-old VHS... Only S-VHS decks have S-Video, as S-Video came hand-in-hand with S-VHS.

I would be very wary of thrift store VHS decks - most of them are likely to have bad heads and poor head alignment.

Definitely find a tape that you can sacrifice - both to check tape path (it might get "eaten") and head quality (a dirty or damaged head can damage the tape surface and make things worse).

Still, if you can find a good S-VHS one, might worth it, though I'd check around the video/photo stores to see if they have one they're willing to part with. At least that equipment might have been cared for a little better.
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