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Originally Posted by Ron Evans View Post
Good information Dave. I have gone through similar testing to Jerry. I have just updated to MW7 too. I have encoded from Resolve Studio with NVENC, Handbreak and MW7. Resolve is fastest but has little control over parameters and audio is limited to max of 192 AAC . My times are like Jerry's. Advantage for me of MW7 is it is easy to set many parameters. For MPEG2 encodes for DVD MW7 also seems to be much faster and uses CPU cores better.

I will move to recording UHD HLG 30P HEVC on the GH5 this recording season as it will give me a good archive of the full stage for my theatre shoots. Unlike the encodes of Handbreak or MW7 it is 4:2:2 10bit so good source for editiing. In my case I will use in a 60P timeline with optical flow . Having tested in both EDIUS 8.53 and Resolve Studio this works quite well in a 1920x1080 timeline.
Hi Ron.

Yes, the use of NVENC for such things is a massive time saver. As you've pointed out, there are oddities between different applications, which is a bit of trial and error to get what suits your particular preference but the core principle is sound.

As I mentioned in the reply to Jerry, I'm gonna try and build the cheapest NVENC encoding system that I can put together. As NVENC will be doing all the heavy work, the system should only need a fairly low powered and cheap CPU.

It's likely that this system will also have some sort of HDMI input for OBS use but the HDMI input aside, it should be very cost effective.

Once I'm happy with it I'll post some specs and examples.

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