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Originally Posted by Bluetongue View Post
Just tried it after some problems, the output only had Black Video
After point 21 before 22 Convert add the following
"Deselect video output by VFAPI Reader Codec" and the video comes through.
Other than that looks good, getting better all the time
Regards Barry
Where were you seeing the black video? Were you trying to run the frameserve_vdr_vfapi.avi file in the likes of windows media player? In such an instance yes black video, probably the VFAPI Reader Codec is not at system level available to all apps. Why some and not others, I dont know. In Procoder the frameserve_vdr_vfapi.avi file will run fine. On my system if you "Deselect video output by VFAPI Reader Codec" VFAPI reader takes ages to build the frameserve file. Leaving it selected as per default state, the frameserve file builds in a fraction of the time and following the procedure to the letter should work.

If your findings are different, suggest double checking nothing was missed in steps 8 to 10
Mark Stuart
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