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Originally Posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
I don't think you really need VirtualDub in the mix, aside from being able to choose an arbitrary source file?
It is the VirtualDub scaling quality that the "resize" filter produces that is the whole point of this procedure.

I guess you are saying to write a resize script in avisynth, fine if you know what your doing to write scripts that work and produce the best results. VirtualDub offers a WYSIWYG interface where you see the result of filters imediately and can experiment with trial and error. I dont see what benefit there is to using avisynth alone and cutting virtualdub out of the loop?

I used to use avisynth many years ago to framserve between Premiere and Cinemacraft since there are plugins for Premiere. I could not find any such plugins or ways of frameserving out of edius, thus avoiding the first step of exporting the whole timeline to a Canopus HQ avi. Please correct me if I am wrong - is there a way of frameserving out of Edius? (excluding the procoder plugin).
Mark Stuart
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