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At work tomorrow I will try what you good folks have suggested. Thank you!

I have both Premiere Pro CC and also Premiere Elements, and I can tell you that neither of those NLEs can hold a candle to Edius when it comes to motion tracking. Davinci Resolve 14 Beta could do a pretty good job, but neither of my PCs were robust enough and they kept crashing. Plus, Edius' motion tracking is better than Resolve! And while other NLEs might have their strengths when compared to Edius, all we do is redact (blur) objects and mute certain audio, i.e., social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Even the audio redaction is faster in Edius than in either Premiere app.I just completed an hour and 45 minute 911 call and dispatcher traffic where I had over 100 places where I had to mute the audio. Four left-clicks to set the key frames, and one shift-left-click to pull the audio all the way down.

When you have police officers wearing body cameras, neither they or the people their cameras are filming stand still for long, if at all. We're working with two objects moving at the same time and some of those objects often need to be tracked and blurred. In-car cameras at least don't move once they are on a scene, so they are easier to redact objects from.
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