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Thanks for the help Rusty, but I don't see anything different from what I have told them

OK, try these steps and let me know how it works.
1. Select F11. On the left hand side select XDCAM and on the bottom left hand corner check Enable Conversion
2. Now scroll down about half way on the right hand side and select XDCAM EX HQ 1920x1080 59.94i
3. Click on the Export button
4. Select the destination (I think you guys have Sony?) You can fill in metadata if needed in the other boxes.
5. Click OK

Have you tried playing it back in the actual camera yet? If not, can you do that? It sounds like everything is working for them, but the camera will not play it back. I am going to check with them on their camera settings for playback as that sounds like the most likely problem.
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