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Default Multi format editing in EDIUS, Overview

If someone can help me sort out the EDIUS 4.5/6 workflow options for editing 2 streams of SD video plus one stream of HD it would really help me to move ahead. I will be using the multicam feature. Which of the following are potentially workable?

1. I can of course shoot in SD with my new HV30 and that would end the discussion.

2. I believe I can shoot in HD and have the camera convert to SD as the footage is captured by my editing computer, but I suspect (camera not delivered yet) that will be wide-screen SD. Then the question just becomes, how to deal with mixed aspect ratios in EDIUS .

3. If I understand correctly, EDIUS will allow me to put HD and SD footage in the same project. Now by HD footage I really mean HD converted to Canopus HQ, but again I'd have the mixed aspect ratio challenge.

Obviously #1 will work, but I doubt that it will result in the best footage for the final product.

From what I've read here and on other fora #2 will not result in much if any better footage than #1 and I have no idea how to deal with the mixed aspect ratios.

So some variation of #3 seems the most promissing if that's at all possible. I have read the very extensive thread about converting from HD to SD for DVD burning, but that doesn't help much with my mixed SD/HD and mixed aspect ratio confussion. I believe I can figure out the "how to" details if I just understand the concept of what I'm trying to do. Any thoughts???
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