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I just checked a Full HD export, 8 bit, 25p, lanczos3 with two filters applied (color correction and YUV), so a very basic setup.

Input: 25p non-interlaced video in 1920x1080 m2ts Canon in h.264
>>> 40s of video was exported to h.264/mp4 via quicksync at 15-27 Mbs variable / normal within incredible 5 seconds. CPU load was around 80%. I assume the CPU had to deal with the two filters, whereas the iGPU did the decoding and encoding.
>>> The same with hardware support flag unchecked needed 18 seconds, CPU load was around 65%

4K-Project of 40s with the two filters applied, 8 bit, 29.97p, lanczos
Input: 4K video 29.97p h.264 Panasonic > Output 4K at 50-102 Mbs variable / normal: >>> 24s with QS >>> 77s without QS
The above as 1920x1080 output variable 15-27 Mbs: >>> 17s with QS >>> 28s without QS

It's interesting that with 1920x1080 outputs the CPU goes to the limits, with 4K it stays around 65%. So there seems to be more unused multicore potential with 4K encoding than with FHD.

My machine is I7-7700k @4.9 GHz, with DDR4-3.200.

I very much look forward to your results of playing back 4k footage.

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