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Originally Posted by deebee69 View Post
Ill try and keep this as simple as possible.
I have a slight out of sync problem with the spark card.The new HDMI 1.4 cable runs up to a brand new Samsung Smart 40 " LED TV and I play audio from the Spark card via rca [Red n White ] cables to my studio speakers.
If I turn these speakers off and just rely on the HDMI cable feeding audio to the TV speakers then sync is spot on.If I then turn down the TV speakers and go back to the RCA fed Sparks audio then my monitoring Timeline is ever so slightly out.I can play both audios at the same time and I can here a very slight delay.
Do any of you know if there is an adjustment for delay on the Spark card
or know of an alternative fix
Thanks in advance?
Spark itself can't introduce delay- if it does, it's massive bug and GV should fix it. Video/audio sync should be passed from Edius timeline to Spark and than to HDMI cable unchanged (and I believe that's the way how it's). It's end device which may introduce de-sync. That's what is happening in your case- also sending video and audio by "different ways" does not help neither.

Same applies to monitoring audio through PC device- quite often there is de-sync introduce by crap audio card in PC.
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