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HDMI cable/connection itself does not introduce delay- it's device at the end.

If you have good TV and amp (and HDMI 1.3+) than there is something called LipSync. TV reports to the amp how much it takes for it to process video and amp delays audio- so at the end all stays in sync. Our Kuro plasma and Pioneer amp work perfectly with this option- Kuro does about about 1 frame delay.
Note that not every TV (or amp) has this feature, but quite few do and it's worth to turn it on.
Other way is to find delay by eye and set amp to delay audio this amount. This is not very precise and if you change TV setting it may not be accurate anymore- the more processing you turn on in TV the bigger delay is. Most TVs have about 1 frame delay (eg 20ms-40ms).
Most broadcast monitors have delay <1 frame or have compensation build in for audio output/speakers.

There was a nice site with PC monitors delay- some have very small (5ms), some something like 2 frames, so quite a big difference.

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