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You should see a GXF exporter when you print to file (F11). If you aren't's a license missing from the dongle. Which shouldn't be the case, because if you've got a dongle to run the K2 Connect app, it should also have the GXF export license on it.

So I suggest you first run the EDIUSLM.EXE app, and tell us if you actually do have the GXF exporter license (called "EDIUS GXF Support"). If you don't, you can arrange with your reseller/distributor a dongle license transfer (since you are fully entitled to one).

If you do have it on your dongle, then it may not have installed - you'll find it under the Tools folder (where PCE lives) for the 4.51 update archive. The folder is called ("Carbon Grid Exporter - GXF Server").
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