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Hey All

So my v4.5.1 install is finally re-homed and re-connected this morning so I finally had an opportunity to have a quick play with the K2 Connect tool ... very cool, very liberating ... mind bogglingly slow tho (oh man it is slooooooooooowww!)

Very cool to be able to see the contents of the K2, but its only a list view, no thumbnails, no clip browsing. the ingest speed is the major issue though ... I tried to import a 24 minute clip and after 15 minutes it was still only 7% done! probably not yet a viable real world solution, unless you have no other options.

I was warned that it was still a little buggy tho the only obvious bug I could find was that despite setting the location for imported clips to my media RAID it seems it will always and only put imported clips into your users "My Videos" folder (on the C: drive). likely that is just a simple line of debug code that didn't get commented out yet.

Like the XDCAM Select tool, it is a background process, so you can continue to work whilst it ingests. very useful.
Also, very nice, the clip builds linearly as it imports, so you can open, view and edit the parts of a clip that is already and increasingly becoming available as the remainder continues to import in the background.

To make K2 Connect real world viable they're going to have to ramp up the speed! Slower than real time ingest is never going to win over the hearts and minds of the masses!

To my mind, whats also very much needed at this point is the abilty to see and browse a thumbnail clip representation of the K2 located media, and be able to subclip for import ... failing the abilty to browse and subclip, there needs to be at very least a blind timecode entry capabilty, so that a user who already knows which part or parts of a clip he/she needs can create a subclip list for import based on in / out timecodes.

Quick question to those in the know ... so with K2 Connect I can now get GXF Import directly from the K2. How do I get GXF Export directly to the K2? I had thought that was supposed to be a function that came about with v4.1 but as I'm still using a dedicated Rhozet Carbon Coder PC for this I've not really looked in to it up to now. Its undoubtedly much faster using the dedicated PC anyway, but it would be nice to know how to get by without it if ever necessary.

thanks !
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