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Well I did a little test and this is more confusing !

Take a look a this....

I did 3 Color Bars Test from Premiere, 12, 16 & 20 Minutes.
They all come out with this container, and do not work on Procoder.

DV Type 2 AVI
AVI v1.0
DV Audio/Video: 117 KB (0.09%)
AVI Copy of DV Audio: 131 MB (99.52%)
AVI Overhead: 529 KB (0.39%)

However Mixing just 3 second of Color Bars with the Capture File from
the capture file from the same Premier, for a total of only
2 Minutes and 42 Seconds went OK with Procoder!
but..... the container shows the same !

DV Type 2 AVI
AVI v1.0
DV Audio/Video: 120 MB (80.16%)
AVI Copy of DV Audio: 29.7 MB (19.76%)
AVI Overhead: 124 KB (0.08%)

It is very bad, that I can't find a clue with GSPOT, the only differences between
the video capture with Premiere and the bars created with
Premiere is the OpenDML (AVI v2.0) indication on GSPOT.

The Color Bars files created by Premiere DO NOT show that.

Video Capture with THE SAME PREMIERE always show OpenDML (AVI v2.0)

Thanks for helping
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