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Originally Posted by stam View Post
I am having a problem saving vitascene transitions (and video filters) as presets so i can use them easily on later projects. To explain i am applying a vitascene transition, modify it as i like it to appear and then save it as current user preset in a folder i made ("vitascene transitions") in the "effects" tab.I can then use it again in my current project easy.But after i restart Edius(5.01) the transitions and filters i had saved return to default (the ones applied in the project work fine) so to re-use them i have to create them again. Anyone knows something about it?
P.S. I had created a vitascene package with filters + transitions i often use in edius 4 but i cant import that either, same problem...
You have to save it in vitascene, because the preset is from it. It is impossible to save the preset setting as 'user Preset'. User Preset is works only for Edius original effects and plugins.

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