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Looks like Ron isn't the only one to have misunderstood the plugin. I also thought it was a smart render for H.265 I also didn't think it was a software H.265 encoder.

My understanding was that it required E9 with an Edius compatible Intel H.265 QSV iGPU so it could re-encode/render/format the GOP at the join point of any cuts for the smart function and also to render any sections of an output that aren't smart compatible, FX, titles etc.

I'm still yet to try it out but will try both.

If it doesn't smart render I think its use would be very limited. In which case, feeding a HQX to something else that can do NVENC would be the way to go for many users and the only way if H.265 is the target for those without E9 and a compatible H.265 Intel QSV iGPU.

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