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Thanks Paul & John.

It looks like it's gonna be a case of **** it and see with this card. I thought it may have been the case that they'd finally settled on one solid driver but this is a BMD device, so I'm not really surprised that there'll be issues.

I'd really hoped that it would be fairly painless :( Especially considering that I've got DirectShow Capture cards working great with Edius.

John, that HDMI issue seems pretty ominous. I'm sure I'll run into HDCP issues as well.

The real annoying thing is that I've still got a Canopus/GV HDBX1000 system with a fully loaded interface box. I can get HDMI into that via a 30 HDMI to SDI adaptor, but the interface won't do 60P, presumably because it's not a broadcast standard. It's a real pity as it's the best Canopus/GV capture device they made and is still compatible with E8 but it's now being used as a door stop as I don't need all the features anymore.

I just hope I don't lose days with a BMD product, again.

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