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Default ** SOLVED **

Okay I had an issue a while ago (before using AMC) where if I ran two firewire devices at the same time from the one card, which were the ADVC110 device and my Presonus Firepod (for audio) so I disabled one to use the other and vice versa. If I ran them both together, I would sometimes get the blue screen of death.
With AMC I had disabled the Firepod to just use the ADVC110 and got the audio errors and the sample rates greyed out but could capture just video. All other settings to get audio capture with video wouldn't work so after some research I decided to try running both firewire devices at the same time and opened up AMC to capture. This time no BSOD and after some trial and error with the now not greyed out sample rate settings, I finally was able to capture full video and audio from analogue (VHS in this case) with no problems. I even kept the sample rate setting at 48khz and let AMC convert it with the setting in the Console enabled. All good so far with both devices working smoothly as this time I'm running them under Windows 10 64 bit instead of the previous Windows 7 setup.
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