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Originally Posted by Lukas321 View Post
Hi guys, can anyone advise me where the error is? Did I get Canopus ADVC 100 on eBay and when capturing the image has disturbing color stripes in video capture? Thank you
Since video from tape is scanned horizontally line by line in alternating fields, and you have vertical lines, it makes me think you have a problem at particular sweep frequencies.

With analog video this is common when capacitors are drying out or going off value (a common occurrence in many camcorders).

Are your settings correct for the ADVC-100? I don't have a manual available to look them up.

Do you see irregularities at similar positions when viewing the video from the same source and cables directly on a tv? They don't have to appear exactly like those thin sharp lines since it is analog, but could just look likr noisy like irregularities. The conversion to digital by the ADVC could be causing them to become those sharp lines, but this may not be a fault of the ADVC-100.

Does a different source (different VCR, Camera, etc.) cause the same issue? A clean signal from a newer source would be good to test, as the newer it is, the less likely it is to have capacitor issues.

Do you see the same issue with different cables? (swap both analog and firewire cables. You could also try the other firewire port on the ADVC-100)

Does your computer show anything like that on a direct firewire capture from a camera? Is the firewire port on your computer one that you know is working good?

Have you tried a different capture software?

If verifying settings, changing cables, sources and software still result in the same issue, then it is likely that you have a bad ADVC-100, since everything else will have been changed. (basic troubleshooting steps)
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