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I know, Intel chips are being disregarded by gamers for a reason. But - like i said - I need something light and portable, not overly expensive and do not intend to use it for video editing neither for gaming. HD playing capability would be just icing on the cake even if it takes 90% of CPU to do so. That thing has 4GB of memory, so even if video takes half of it away it is still OK.

Is anybody already using any other laptop with HDMI output? (even other video cards). If yes - have you ever hooked it up to a plasma or lcd and what is your impression about it? As of now I have that particular ASUS sitting under my desk and I have 14 days to consider if I want to open the box or not :) If I decide to do so and do the tests I will let you know about the results,


PS: The closest review I was able to find related to the subject is here:

The results of the test were good for my purpose, but the guy was using quad core Q9300, instead of T5800 - that might be a bad news for me. On the other hand, from what I know BlueRay does not necessary have to be MPEG-2 based. My interest would be in MPEG-2, and the BluRay in test was MPEG-4 AVC encoded, which is probably good news for me.
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