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Default Laptop with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD integrated graphics

I am considering buying a new laptop mainly for general use, not for video editing. Portability is important to me, that is why 13" screen seems to be optimal as this size fits my hand luggage along with video and photo camera and some other stuff. Since the recent crop of computers often include HDMI output - it would be nice if this computer could be hooked up to a big screen TV and used as a handy HD player for all HD movies edited on my EDIUS system solving (for now) the problem of BluRay disc recording etc.

At my local BestBuy I found an ASUS F6A-X2 on clearance for $699, which seems to be a good deal. Computer feels fast, light and nice. I like it in general. My concern is however the HD playback on a big screen TV. That laptop has an integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD on board, which is the recent Intel development, the first one claimed to be capable of playing full HD 1080p resolution video. There is not much information about this graphics chipset and it's performance on Internet forums yet. I have found one review where someone tested with good results BlueRay playback on this chipset on a miniATX motherboard, but that was with much faster (E8400) processor than the laptop's T5800. CPU utilization during this test was about 30-40% comparing to about 10% when recent Radeon was used instead of X4500HD.

My question is: does anybody here has any hands on experience with this chipset as far as HD playability on a big screen? I mainly have MPEG and WMV files in mind. I have feeling that with MPEG's I should be OK, but any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

It would be REALLY NICE to also have BlueRay drive here and firewire port, but - well - dreams.... dreams ....
I also hope that this topic as - after all - related to EDIUS editing, is not outside of scope of this forum.
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