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I believe that the ADVC300 is designed for consumer-type audio sources with a nominal output level of -10 dBV. It also offers some audio gain adjustment.

The G1 is for professional sources with nominal outputs of 0 or +4 dBU. Thus the audio embedded in the digital stream will be on the order of 10 dB lower with the G1 given the same source. Perhaps more depending on the output impedance of the source.

Many current consumer line outputs have a source impedance on the order of 1K to 2K ohms, but older gear may be higher. Not sure what the input impedance of the G1 is but I would expect it to be around 10k.

Depending on the mixer it may have a nominal line output of +4 dBu at 0dB on the meters with around 18 dB of headroom and a 120 ohm output impedance. Also it may consider 0 dB for a RCA consumer line input to be -10 dBV signal. It will depend on how it is configured.
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