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Default ADVC-G1 Audio Out Greatly Reduced

Product: ADVC-G1 Any In to SDI

Input: 480i video/audio
Video Port: Y/CVBS

Problem Statement:
The audio output embedded in the SDI OUT is objectionably reduced. I don't remember the numerical magnitude but would estimate it is -18 to -20dB. The audio can be restored to 0dB in post using any ordinary audio editing tool and appears to be satisfactory.

I have confirmed that the problem is not with the original audio source by downloading the same video using another device (ADVC-300).

The ADVC-G1 +4dB DIP switch option is engaged. If it makes a difference it is too small to see without careful editing inspection.

Note: the G1 BNC output is being fed to an Epiphan device which delivers USB 3.0 video. I have not confirmed that the loss does not occur in this device. it just didn't occur to me to check but I would not expect it to be the source of the problem.
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