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Hi barry,

I'd be interested to know what source "drive" the files are being played from?

And also the mobo you went for.

Although the results sound pretty good, they don't feel as outstanding as I would have expected from throwing thousands of dollars and so many cores at Edius.

Would you be able to run similar file tests with Ppro and Resolve?

I'm in the postion of wanting to work on a new build, but wonder if it's time to jump ship as Edius, at least for me, no longer "Edits Anything" and is less resource capable than the competition - especially as AMD state that Ppro has a huge increase in ability with their processors - and others on the forum here, state that other platforms provide higher playback function espacially with difficult files, simply by using the available resources on a system.

With the apparent sale of Edius around the corner, I wonder how much funding is available to pull Edius back into the race?

With GPU's, CPU's and file storage gaining ground relentlessly, software makers need to avail themselves of new speeds and facility to keep up.

Paul :-)
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