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Default Encoder questions


Just finished first new project (for DVD) in E.9. I use DVDLab Pro 2.51 to author.

BTW: Want to thank Anton. I used his "downgrade HD to SD" tips to encode. It looks great on DVD!! Good tips!

Here's my encoder questions:

1. When I upgraded to E.9, I wondered about possibility of plugging in Procoder 3, which I had been using with Edius 5. Is Procoder 3 now obsolete? Grass Valley said that procoder 3 had been kind of incorporated into E.9.
I used the E.9 encoder (no name for it?) and it seemed to work fine, because I was pleased with the result.
Although DVDLab Pro did complain mildly about open GOPs, I have no chapters.
I looked at the encoder I used inside Edius, and can't find settings for things like GOPs, kbps, VBR & CBR, etc.

So my stupid question is....what is this encoder inside E.9? It seems to work well, but should I be using Wondershare for even better results? The guy who built my new editing system included that program, and it has good reviews. (but adds another couple steps to the go-to-DVD process.)

2. Another stupid question is.... What is behringer BCF2000? I'm assuming it's another plug-in you can buy. Is this an audio controller that is a plug-in for E.9? What does it have to do with encoding? Does it just do same thing as E.9 audio mixer?

Thanks for any input. I was happy to finish up this first E.9 project while simultaneously learning the "layouter" that replaced P in P and Vistitle 2.8 (plus their plug-ins.)

Edius 9.3, ProASUS TUF X299 Mark I LGA2066 DDR4 M.2 USB 3.1 Dual LAN X299 ATX Motherboard, Intell Core i7-7820 X Skylake-X 8-Core 3.6 GHz processor, GTX 1070, 500 GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD), 4TB WD Enterprise HD, 16 GB Ram, 2 LG DVD burners, Win10 Pro. Intensity Shuttle. Vitascene V.3. Vistitle 2.8 +
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