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Originally Posted by David Clarke View Post
So you may say why bother with Mync. The answer is you can use it to organise the stuff using Mync in the first place rather than organising it with Windows. Put all the files in one place, register all the clips to Mync and then tag then and use catalogues and smart catalogues to organising them instead of organising in Windows explorer. In Mync you can play lots of clips Windows can't, you can see information Windows can't and you can add more information and tags, which Windows cannot do.
So, if I follow you, I should put all my files in one big folder on the hard disk...I think that the limit is around 4,294,967,295.... Which is a bit reduced....
... and then organize and structure my files in Mync only.... ?

I expected that Mync could create automatically a dynamic catalogue (or smart catalogue) based on a folder with subfolder from the Hardisk and redeable from Edius.

Adding some files on HardDisk and a automatic actualization of Mync to include the new files (or the modified structure) and the job done for Mync as for Edius.... but I begin to realize that what I want is not possible this way....

When files are coming, day after day, you have to organize it a minimum in a Folder with sub-folder... per theme, date, type. This has to go fast to avoid lost of time... But to produce a film the organization may be different... is that what Mync propose ? In this case I have to forget the "mirroring" between the HardDisk and Mync.... and use Mync as an organiser and interface to use in Edius in place of using the BIN and have heavy projects to open because to much files in the BIN (not used in the time line)...

Please confirm my understanding...

Edius and Mync are then so automatically installed as DVD maker or Quick Title ?
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