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Originally Posted by Ron Evans View Post
I think it comes down to whether the NLE designers take advantage of all the available compute power.
Well, Edius does support PCC on the gfx card (though it leaks memory like a sieve in Win7). I haven't been impressed by the performance on my 970 -- it chokes out on a couple, while my 1800 runs many. But that's a promising start at least.

There are a couple of factors at work. First, hardware vendors have to dedicate themselves to putting high quality encode/decode logic on their hardware. It's too easy to skimp out at 4:2:0 "because that's all a consumer will have". NVDEC doesn't support 4:2:2 for example.
Intel has kept their hardware pretty flexible, but doesn't combine it with their 8 core chips, which is frustrating. Maybe there are Xeons you can put in a dual-cpu setup? And then, yeah, software companies need to support that hardware. That means headaches for them as nvenc or qsv or whatever breaks from driver release to driver release. And finally, the software companies need to cooperate with the hardware vendors to make sure the latter understand the needs of the former. The lack of support for 4:2:2 decode h/w is going to hurt AMD imho, and you'd think that NV would be interested in 4:2:2 for their quadro market. :weird:
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