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Hello Alex,

To create a ticker story in Arabic or Farsi it is important to set the font in RTIC the same as inside the channel pack.

In the example below we will use 'Arial Unicode MS' as font used for Arabic text.
You can chose any font you like based on your needs. Keep in mind to have them all the same (RTIC and channelpack).

Step 1.
Install the latest RTIC version

Step 2. (UPDATED, mode should be zero!)
Update the file 'rtic.ini' with the following lines:
font_name=Arial Unicode MS

The file can be found in its installation directory.
By default is this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Grass Valley\rtic

Step 3.
Add the font to your system operator font directory if it is not already there.
For windows is this: c:/windows/font directory

Step 4.
Include the font inside the channel pack
(Project Asset, Add font)

Step 5.
Use the same font for the ticker
(Ticker Object, font file)

Step 6.
Set the speed to a negative value to let it scroll from left to right.

That should do the trick.

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