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Originally Posted by kdiamond View Post

1. How far will this laptop get me concerning video edit with Edius?
It has 2 disk slots. I might use 1 SSD for system and other 1Tb for video. + USB/FS/eSATA for external storage.

Current laptop Acer aspire 8920g (Intel® Core™2 Duo processor T9300/T9500, 4gb ram, 7200rpm drive, NVIDIA® GeForce® 9650M GS) works great but it chokes with video plugins. using HDV 1440x1080 50i caputure.

2. Edius can use Adobe AFX plugins prior to CS5. How's with this? Are there many compatibility issues? Will support continue for CS5. In general experiences with adobe plugins.

3. Premiere uses CUDO cores from Nvidia.
In theory I see great potential in use of video card power. How's that in practice? How is multi cores CPU power comaparing to GFX power in practice. What helps to work with plugins to keep realtime play, instead of rendering clips for preview?

4. What's best format for capturing. MPEG or AVI. Any info on that would be great.

Thank you very much for clearing things up for me.

I use a HP laptop for field work very similar to the one you are using at present (See my signature) and it works well using HDV and AVCHD footage
Not as fast as my desktop but quite adequate

As to your question 1, it should handle HD quite well
I replaced my boot drive with a Hybrid drive but a SSD should be even better
Most Video Plug ins cause Edius to choke, need to render, even on my Desktop so don't worry about it unless you use a lot but having come from Premier you will know even with its own filters it is RENDER, RENDER, RENDER

Question 2 CS5 is 64 bit, Edius is still 32 bit, no one knows for how long, so that is the reason for CS5 not working in Edius

Question 3 Edius is already Real Time but has a set of complicated GPU transitions that use the Video card BUT does not require an expensive CUDA card, make sure the Video card has a min of 512mb Preferably 1G and no problems
NOTE NewBlue will soon have all their VIDEO Plugins available for Edius with GPU rendering and that should aleviate the problem with Question 1

Question 4 Capture format??? Your choice, AVI works faster as there is less load on the CPU, BUT BIG files, I use this almost exclusively as it seems to have less problems not that I have seen any lately on my desktop or laptop using either HDV or AVCHD
AVI allows more tracks stacking and certainly works well in multicam with files on separate disks

For external disks, over the counter USB2 disks are all too slow
USB3 perfect, as good as eSATA
USB3 express cards are availabe if your laptop does not have one

Hope that helps
Regards Barry
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