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Originally Posted by col lamb View Post
Have you placed the memory in alternate slots?
If not, change them, check the manual as it does say in mine to use specific slots. Mine are in slots 2, 4 and 6 with slot 1 being closest to theCPU.
I don't know and I will verify it but I can tell you that my PC was assembled from an expert .

Originally Posted by col lamb View Post
Also when you renamed the drive, did you change the settings in Edius so that allthe project files etc are on the "E" drive.
I have renomed "E" drive then I have installed Edius and every other program.
I have not to configure Edius for it. Edius sees all the AVCHD files but Edius but manages them badly.

Originally Posted by col lamb View Post
I do not fully understand your RAID 0 setup as you state you have 2 drives, 1 must be for the operating system and the other for video files etc, this second drive cannot be set up as RAID as you needed another drive to make a RAID 0 system which will make a total of 3 hard drives.
I explain you better. I have one hardrive for OS, two hardrives for video editing (RAID0) and two hardrives for export.
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