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Just so you know, the difference in the field shift won't affect the quality. No worries there. I understand why some have the hesitation to use the default, but it's not based on fact. Rather, it's taking what is known to cause a problem (field reversal on file input) and applying it to output (which is unrelated). There is no boogie man in the closet, really.

In the old forum, this topic was beaten to death with similar misperceptions. I think I will leave it at that.

Field encoding is a separate issue, and (again from the old forum) there was a problem with field encoded files that PC produced (something that Dominique found out at the time). It is not a default setting in PC whereas UFF is. This is an example where switching from the default might cause you some real issues.

Hmmm....maybe I didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn.

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