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Originally Posted by jschipmann View Post
I'll double check the source files and put the media info in a reply.

Version on all editors is 9.40.4803

After we started experiencing the issue we also noticed certain animation files from After Effects weren't importing to the bin, so we Installed the latest version of QuickTime and enabled it in edius.

As far as I am aware quicksync is not enabled, nor is there any monitor plugged in to the on board. We are using Radeon RX 570 cards with driver version labeled 19.7.1-july7 (I just installed this last week trying to upgrade from previous drivers to see if this helped)
Have you used previous Edius versions without problem?

I ask because 9.4 is known to have some crashing issues with mismatched framerates or variable framerate video with certain system builds, and with the intricacy of a software like Edius, it may be possible that you have uncovered something new or related to the framerate bug issue. If you worked fine with 9.3, try rolling back to it to see if things are still normal. If you have never used 9.3, try it to see if things are normal.

This hopefully will either isolate the issue to 9.40, or point to something broader like perhaps a windows driver update or other software. If you are running Windows 10 in particular, forced updates by Windows can cause things to stop working correctly.

In order for quicksync to be active, you need a monitor hooked up to the intel GPU built into your CPU and you need the correct intel driver version installed.

If you are only working in HD MPEG2, quicksync will not really help anyway, but if you start dealing with H264/AVCHD/XAVC files, it can greatly improve decode of those files. It also has to be enabled for those codecs in the edius settings. Quicksync can also be used to accelerate creation of H264/AVCHD/XAVC related files, but once again it has to be active to do this.

There have been reports in the newer edius builds, that quicksync is decoding without having a monitor connected, but I have not tried it myself.
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