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Which ADVC? The ADVC 100/110/300 etc. capture to DV format via firewire connection. Firewire is not common on new computers. DV format is good for editing, but not for serious restoration of analog video.

Some Intensity series products have issue with levels, but I'm not sure about the Shuttles though.

Are you interested in a simple digitization of SD analog material, or doing in some restoration work on the old formats as well?

Do you have a good VCR (certain S-VHS models tend to work best) and TBC for the capture chain?

You end goals for the video, budget, deadlines, and interest in getting involved with the technology (hardware and software), and willingmness to invest your time will in large part drive the recommendations.

FWIW: is a site that focuses on transfer and restoration of consumer analog format video such as Beta, VHS, Video8, Hi8 and S-VHS to digital formats. The experts there as somewhat obsessive about affordable quality, but you may find it of interest if the highest possible quality is you agenda.
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