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Originally Posted by audioresearch View Post
I'm hoping someone here remembers information about the old Canopus DVRex system. This is somewhat related to the "Procoder" topic because the problem I am having is with trying to produce output files in the h 264/mp4 format.

When I capture video that runs for more than about 18 minutes using my DVRex along with the proprietary software that came with it, Rex Video, the output files (not sure I remember this right, but I think those files may be called "reference avi" files) produced seem to be pieced together using 2 or more shorter segments and I cannot play that file back using commonly available universal software such as VLC and SM Player.

Does anyone know if I can use software other than RexVideo (VirtualDub, Premiere, or whaever) with my DVRex that would allow the DVRex to ouput h 264/mp4 files with no restrictions on the running length which can be played with VLC & SM Player, etc?

Or, is there some type of hardware limitation of the DVRex which forces output files that run longer than about 18 minutes to be pieced together from shorter, apparently proprietary, video files?
You don't mention your Windows version, but since you are talking DVRex, I will assume it is Win95/98/NT4, since those are the versions that it was specified to work with.

I never had a DVRex, but since it was from the Windows 95/98/NT4 era, it was restricted to a 2GB file size limit inherent in the FAT32 file system used at the time (some newer implementations of FAT32 allowed for 4GB). There is no way to overcome this limit on Windows 95/98. Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 all use NTFS, which does not have that 2GB limit, but the software has to work with AVI Type 2 files in order to go past 4GB. The older Type 1 file, which I think the REX used, is limited to 4GB.

If your files are DV encoded, you are only going to get about 5 minutes per GB of file size. The avi reference files in the REX were essentially propietary play lists for multiple of these smaller size limited AVI files, but the player/encoder software has to be able to understand them in order to use them. I am not aware of any third party h264 encoders that can deal with them.

The MP4 format wasn't introduced until 2001, so I doubt you will find an encoder to work on Win95/98/NT4. There was an old version of Handbrake that ran on XP, but I don't know if it can read the REX AVI reference files, and I don't know if you will be able to coax it to install on NT4.
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