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Default Hope Someone Can Help with Question about the old DVRex system

I'm hoping someone here remembers information about the old Canopus DVRex system. This is somewhat related to the "Procoder" topic because the problem I am having is with trying to produce output files in the h 264/mp4 format.

When I capture video that runs for more than about 18 minutes using my DVRex along with the proprietary software that came with it, Rex Video, the output files (not sure I remember this right, but I think those files may be called "reference avi" files) produced seem to be pieced together using 2 or more shorter segments and I cannot play that file back using commonly available universal software such as VLC and SM Player.

Does anyone know if I can use software other than RexVideo (VirtualDub, Premiere, or whaever) with my DVRex that would allow the DVRex to ouput h 264/mp4 files with no restrictions on the running length which can be played with VLC & SM Player, etc?

Or, is there some type of hardware limitation of the DVRex which forces output files that run longer than about 18 minutes to be pieced together from shorter, apparently proprietary, video files?
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