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Default ProCoder 3, codec CDVC not playing back under Advanced setting

NOTE: codec CDVC is the Canopus DV codec (cdvccodc.dll

This is so strange ... I just installed PC3 and tried about everything possible to get the "Advanced ..." tab to play back these files, so I can perform some minor edits at the beginning and the end of these huge files. All I am getting is a blank screen, and clicking on the "Video Filter" tab I get "Can't render preview" under "Original"

I have Edius 6 installed, and have had PC2 before installing PC3. I uninstalled PC2, installed PC3 3.591 and upgraded to 3.6, then tried a "repair" of PC3, then an uninstall, then a reinstall ... and still no go? (restarted each time between these steps.)

The preview during an export is working?!? Strange.

Any other ideas would be very much appreciated!

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