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Originally Posted by Mack View Post

Source footage is
mp4 - 1920 x 1080
data rate 42283kbps
total bitrate 42478kbps

I want to export to mp4 for use on youtube.

The only way I have been able to export is to use the quicktime setting then mpeg 4 640x480 h.264 1372kbps 30p which I know is wrong but nothing else works. I then set the options to 1080p and in the settings of the export screen set the bitrate to around 32768 anything less causes pixelation on the footage (it's video game footage). The problem is I get an error when I try to export anything above 15mins in length.

If I try using the H.264/avc option after selecting print to file I get the error "Could not use the selected format please confirm setting"

The settings am using are:
Frame Size : 1920 x 1080
Frame Rate : 60.00
Aspect Ratio : 1.0000
Field order : Progressive
Video Channels : YCbCr + Alpha
Quantization Bit Rate : 8Bit
Stereoscopic Editing : Disable
Sampling Rate : 48000Hz
Quantization Bit Rate : 24 Bit
Channel : 8
Render format
Grass Valley HQ Fine
Over Scan Size : 3 %
Audio Reference Level : -20.0dB
Resampling method
Area Average (Fast & Sharp)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is not a video game hobby project it's paid work, thanks.
Using Quicktime will enforce a 4GB file size limit, if I am not mistaken. (This has been discussed and brought to light in previous forum posts here. Do a forum search if you want to find those posts)

A video bitrate of 32768kbps will hit a 4GB limit after exporting a little more than 16 minutes. Add the audio bitrates in there and the time will reduce from there.

You can quite easily export an MP4 from Edius without using quicktime, but you will want to correct the audio channels in the output, as that is the main issue I suspect, and fixing the overscan is also recommended, as this setting keeps any transitions and effects from applying to the absolute edges of your image. (Both of these are suggested by Steve)

Another way to do what you are trying to do, is to either use the TMPGEnc AVC export plugin, or export an HQX file and pass that through Handbrake or XMedia Recode to make your mp4. This is usually the recommended process if you are trying to preserve every bit of quality, as these encoders give you access to the more advanced x.264 engine, and offer more control for tweaking and optimizing.

There are many threads on the forum going over the use of Handbrake. Do a forum search for them.
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