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Default is there a simpler way to re-format subtitles based on templates?

Hello, and thank you for the helpful tips in this thread!

On the above question: "How do I add the black frame to a subtitle already populated with text and on the timeline, (with time spent editing the text)?"

Is there a more elegant/ efficient way to do this?
I envision something like:
Create template
make subtitles based on that template
if changes are desired, change the base template
and automagically all subtitles based on this template are dynamically updated

(I realize this could in some cases lead to undesired results, but the approach as such is not uncommon, say in MS Word, and can save a lot of work.)

I have 40+ files to deal with and am wondering, if there is a smart way to achieve the above?
Or, if this is not possible: What would be the most efficient way to update the hundreds of subtitles in dozens of files with a changed format?

...wonders a complete newbie to Vistitle (who keeps wondering why there is so little useful documentation (in plain English) on this very capable software)
Thanks in advance for your hints!!
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