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Default Picture freezing and interupting while VHS capture

I am using ADVC110 for VHS capturing. I have an almost new LG LV880 4 Head HiFi VCR and a powerfull desktop PC. I use Sony Vegas 12 for capturing.

Everything seemed good with the VHS capture until I got an offer to digitalise 150 VHS tapes. I agreed and in oder to accomplish this huge task ( I am an employee) I set up a second VHS capture system at work using the same ADVC110 and LG V9800 6 Head HiFi VCR.
Here I started to encounter problems while capturing some VHS tapes with video frosing / interrupting. I brought these tapes home to test on my home system and everything was completely OK. I replaced LG V9800 with a Sony SLV-SE630 4 Head HiFI VCR but the problems remained. The video froses / interrupts with some tapes. I took both LG V9800 and Sony VCR home for double check, but the problems remained.
I connected the Sony VCR through a Panasonic NV-G200 camera and the same bad tapes were captured with NO Problems.
So here are my own conclusions: ADVC110 captures well with some VCRs and may not capture decently with some others. All 3 HiFi VCRs are as new, the heads are properly cleaned with isopropyl spirit, etc. Because the "bad" tapes were well captured by using the Panasonic camera I assume that there is something that the ADVC dislike in the incoming signal. I tried to use different DIP switch positions and different Capture settings in Sony Vegas with no changes.
So I do have conclusions but don't have answers. :) How many VCRs shall I have to test the ADVC funcionality? I did not mention that it captures well with a basic LG mono VCR player I have too, but I mostly have VHS tapes with stereo sound. I know I should have a S-VHS VCR with TBC, but what if it does not change things much? And why does my home system with LG LV880 works fine?
My coleque thinks that possibly these VCRs need to have adjusted the sync head in a good workshop. The sync head is in charge for proper video output.
I have read rather many threads in this forum but have not found a problem like mine. I would appreciate any help very much!
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