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Originally Posted by David Clarke View Post
Not meant to be criticising you Dave :-).

I know a bit about this since I set the laptop up for him, but I did not have a working Thunderbolt device with which to test it. I also know he is busy working so can't always reply here.

On a desktop I would never get a Thunderbolt device, I would get a PCIe one, since Thunderbolt for PCs seems like an after thought. You need it on a MAC since you can add anything into them, but with PCs it is so easy to use something else.

On a laptop my experience with Thunderbolt has been better than with USB3 Blackmagic devices (up until my Thunderbolt Shuttle was bricked by a Firmware update). It has been variable - so with some generations of laptop everything works, and with others only the powered BM devices worked. The Thunderbolt could be the problem or it could be the BM drivers, so the first step is to see if anyone else has a working set up.
Hi David.

I seriously didn't think you were criticising, no worries buddy. My response was only because it appeard that my first post had looked as if I may not have understood the initial enquiry. I was just giving extra context to the wider picture of connecting devices to PCs and certain BM cards as well.

My personal preference would be to not use TB on any computer that's primarily designed as a PC, which is a real pity as the TB interface allows for greater bandwidth and opportunities compared to any other external buss system that can also carry power.

The only Windows configuration that I'd personally feel was safe to use for TB, would be a modern Mac with Win 10 on it. Now the strange thing about that is that Windows would appear to be fine with TB on a Mac. Or maybe not so strange, as it could be pointing to a better implementation of the TB controller etc. on a Mac. Which wouldn't be a surprise seeing as Apple were one of the co-creators of the standard and Macs have been using it for ages.

As a result of my limited knowledge of ultra modern Windows laptops, I'd personally use one of the MacBooks with Windows on it if I were wanting to take full advantage of TB. Plus, you'd also have the advantage of Mac OS as well for anything that's better suited to that platform or anything that will only run on it.

Not so surprisingly, this whole scenario is exactly what Bern had described in another post about self building. The general assumption is that things have gotten better over the years but as Bern had pointed out. What we think may have been a step forward with regard system integration, may well have been negated by the sheer choice we have now and maybe especially more so with laptops where we have no options but to use what's in them and hope that everything has been matched and field tested correctly by the manufacturers.

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