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Default No Editing with E9v2

New W10 o/s rebuild from scratch. Old (E9) on same h/ware (simple tests) tested ok, no crashes. New install both E9 and E9v2 crash immediately on any attempted moves using simple DV 720x576 16:9 Pal project test. Caveat: project ID has changed (location is the same) but cannot change profile even when was briefly accessible. Now any move after opening s/w is instant crash (of editing s/w only not W10 o/s). Uninstalled re-installed E9/E9v2 in different permutations. This sequence/s cannot get rid of project profile name (which must reside elsewhere and does not uninstall) since this is now changed with new W10 user login ID user name and assume this to possibly be the issue. ie project profile name in E9v2 does not match W10 user login name. No crash reports sent yet.

Any advice pls.

1 to get E9v2 op
2 to be able to change profile for project and if need be, project's location
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