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Originally Posted by kbosward View Post
Hi adondeeres, it looks like the wrong copy of the configuration file got into the package. If you look in the file PCtrl300Settings.cfg you will see the line Text=Basic. Change this to Text=Default. It should then work as you expect. (I have updated the download package).

As for the keyboard shortcut, I've had all sorts of trouble defining those in Windows XP so I don't use them. They only work for me if I create the shortcut directly on the desktop. If I create the shortcut in a folder and then move it onto the desktop it doesn't work. If I move the shortcut off the desktop it doesn't work. Even if I leave it on the desktop it sometimes doesn't work. I just pin all my commonly used shortcuts to the Start Menu so they are only two-clicks away!


Windows and it's shortcuts. Agrrr. :)

That fixed the problem. Thank you for the work you put into this program. :)
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